25th Nov 2013 (Journal entry)

Now that I have carried out my research into a few of Burberry’s competitors, these being; (Coach, Gucci and Ralph Lauren) I have decided that I would like to develop Burberry’s t-shirts in their Burberry Prorsum range. I was pretty impressed by everything I saw in the Burberry shop when I visited the store on the 10th Nov 2013.

Everything around me most definitely were reflections of Burberry’s brand values but I was least impressed by their t-shirts as I felt they were too basic. Although one the many things Burberry are known for is their understated sophistication, I felt they could have done more with their t-shirts to add a bit more value for their customers. This is the reason as to why I have chosen to focus my attention of their Burberry Brit t-shirts

T-shirts were very popular last year on high street, whether they were printed or embellished. Not so much high fashion but they did appeal to a lot of A listers such as; Rihanna, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez high fashion models, tv presenters and socialites. These are some of the clients that I feel the outfits that I will be designing will appeal to.


This is one of the T-shirts that I found in Burberry Prorsum that I was not personally impressed with. The faceted crystals which are removable for washing were pretty and aesthetic but the t-shirt design itself is too basic and I feel they would have positioned the stones better


Some of the clients I feel the outfits would appeal to because t-shirts go with most things.


Designers such as Henry Holland, Phillip Lim and Marc Jocobs have developed t-shirts with graphics within their collections.


Cheeky texts printed onto t-shirts and cropped tops were quite popular during the summer.

My aim is to develop 6 t-shirts and 6 casual bottoms to compliment the t-shirts. I would like the outfits to have a fresh, youthful aesthetic with a touch of Burberry’s brand values and heritage. I will achieve this by ensuring that my designs are of good quality, functional with a modern classic style. To add value, I will consider embellishments, prints or draping. I am now going to experiment on the mannequin to create some interesting t-shirt shapes using draping for my 6 t-shirt designs. For fabric manipulation techniques, I will refer to my creative pattern cutting books.


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